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Table 4a: Educational Functioning Level Gain

Table 4a: Educational Functioning Level Gain

English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy, English Language Proficiency (ELP), Mathematics, Carnegie Units/Credits, and Transition to Postsecondary Education by Entry Level

Program Year
2019 (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020)
Entering Education Functioning LevelTotal Number of ParticipantsNumber with EFL Gain For ELA/Literacy or ELP by pre-posttestingPercentage Achieving ELA/Literacy or ELP EFL GainsNumber with EFL Gain For Mathematics by pre-posttestingPercentage Achieving Mathematics EFL GainsNumber with EFL Gain by Carnegie Units / CreditsPercentage Achieving EFL Gain by Carnegie Units / CreditsNumber with EFL Gain by Transition to Post-secondary EducationPercentage Achieving EFL Gain by Entry into Postsecondary Education
ABE Level 16691570.23461290.19280050.0074
ABE Level 2525910020.19056380.121300920.0174
ABE Level 3673511700.17375390.08001820.027
ABE Level 439117360.1881610.0155001720.0439
ABE Level 59922080.209630.00300300.0302
ABE Level 6247000000120.0485
ABE Total1781332730.183713700.0769004930.0276
ESL Level 117007930.4664000020.0011
ESL Level 2301013450.4468000050.0016
ESL Level 3527423360.44290000160.003
ESL Level 4771328090.36410000280.0036
ESL Level 5733724890.33920000490.0066
ESL Level 6689912570.182200001310.0189
ESL Total31933110290.345300002310.0072
Grand Total49746143020.287513700.0275007240.0145

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