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Table 9: Outcome Achievement for Participants in Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education

PROGRAM YEAR: 2020 - 2021 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: All Regions

1st Period of ParticipationAll Periods of Participation
Primary Indicators of PerformanceNumber of Participants Included in the IndicatorNumber of Participants Achieving Outcome or Median Earnings ValuePercentage of Participants Achieving OutcomeTotal Periods of ParticipationTotal Number of Periods of Participation in which Participants Achieved Outcome or Median Earnings Value for All Periods of ParticipationPercentage of Participants in All Periods of Participation Achieving Outcome
Measurable Skill Gain75146266000.353976609269820.3522
Employment Second Quarter after exit126373255920.2025130051261390.2009
Employment Fourth Quarter after exit120013224010.1866124702233460.1872
Median Earnings Second Quarter after exit932656630.710000000N/A962416533.025N/A
Attained a Secondary School Diploma/Equivalent and Enrolled in Postsecondary Education or Training within one year of exit18211790.098218381790.0973
Attained a Secondary School Diploma/Equivalent and Employed within one year of exit22872790.121923072780.1205
Attained a Postsecondary Credential while enrolled or within one year of exit842619460.2309855619890.2324
Civics Education Follow-up Outcome Measures (Optional)Number of Participants who ExitedNumber of Participants Who Exited Achieving OutcomePercent Achieving Outcome
Achieved Citizenship Skills1017432870.3230
Voted or Registered to Vote90032320.0257
Increased Involvement in Community Activities959636100.3761
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