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Table 4a: Educational Functioning Level Gain

PROGRAM YEAR: 2020 - 2021 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: All Regions

Entering Education Functioning LevelTotal Number of ParticipantsNumber with EFL Gain For ELA/Literacy or ELP by pre-posttestingPercentage Achieving ELA/Literacy or ELP EFL GainsNumber with EFL Gain For Mathematics by pre-posttestingPercentage Achieving Mathematics EFL GainsNumber with EFL Gain by Carnegie Units / CreditsPercentage Achieving EFL Gain by Carnegie Units / CreditsNumber with EFL Gain by Transition to Post-secondary EducationPercentage Achieving EFL Gain by Entry into Postsecondary Education
ABE Level 11549942760.275838940.2512340.00216380.0411
ABE Level 234708176540.5086160290.46181650.004716720.0481
ABE Level 340017175920.4396154440.38594490.011243470.1086
ABE Level 428082129320.460578320.27887250.025841910.1492
ABE Level 51216030500.250818250.150038830.319315910.1308
ABE Level 659071060.01791290.021819220.325310610.1796
ABE Total136373556100.4077451530.331071780.0526135000.0989
ESL Level 123502125750.5350390.001600.00001830.0077
ESL Level 217749138100.7780640.003600.00001180.0066
ESL Level 320891176370.84421460.006940.00012560.0122
ESL Level 422329180910.81021390.0062150.00063050.0136
ESL Level 521465163070.75972100.0097170.00074480.0208
ESL Level 61365979530.58222050.0150250.00187220.0528
ESL Total119595863730.72228030.0067610.000520320.0169
Grand Total2559681419830.5546459560.179572390.0282155320.0606
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