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Table 4c: Measurable Skill Gains and Attendance by Entry Level for Participants in Distance Education

PROGRAM YEAR: 2018 - 2019 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: All Regions

Entering Education Functioning Level1st Period of ParticipationAll Periods of Participation
Total Number of ParticipantsTotal Attendance Hours for all participantsNumber who achieved at least one educational functioning level gainNumber who attained a secondary school diploma or its equivalentNumber Separated Before Achieving Measurable Skill GainsNumber Remaining in Program without Measurable Skill GainsPercentage Achieving Measurable Skill GainsTotal number of Periods of ParticipationTotal number of Periods of Participation with Measurable Skill GainsPercentage of Periods of Participation with Measurable Skill Gains
ABE Level 1927125967447373221560.52219952790.2804
ABE Level 274408006142691567269418100.4379775520110.2593
ABE Level 311776120226239591529403929750.46601214941150.3387
ABE Level 411062100802232611996371025640.47521146346820.4084
ABE Level 5528661574013311357150912300.5085547425900.4731
ABE Level 647355948252571654151013820.4035501718900.3767
ABE Total41226434742211946714013784101170.462942853155670.3632
ESL Level 1157527312490414092670.574616096310.3921
ESL Level 22828582072153847905020.5452289713460.4646
ESL Level 35465111302623388178413480.4292565521300.3766
ESL Level 454501090207227723165415160.4220565321380.3782
ESL Level 54579866832184844138313100.4131475519450.4090
ESL Level 631285408258954691412770.300832689590.2934
ESL Total2302544660839800126693462200.43102383791490.3838
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