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Table 4a: Educational Functioning Level Gain

PROGRAM YEAR: 2018 - 2019 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: All Regions

Entering Education Functioning LevelTotal Number of ParticipantsNumber with EFL Gain For ELA/Literacy or ELP by pre-posttestingPercentage Achieving ELA/Literacy or ELP EFL GainsNumber with EFL Gain For Mathematics by pre-posttestingPercentage Achieving Mathematics EFL GainsNumber with EFL Gain by Carnegie Units / CreditsPercentage Achieving EFL Gain by Carnegie Units / CreditsNumber with EFL Gain by Transition to Post-secondary EducationPercentage Achieving EFL Gain by Entry into Postsecondary Education
ABE Level 115918101350.636772640.4563260.00162770.0174
ABE Level 262869333510.5304304950.48501380.002123130.0367
ABE Level 388536442520.4998412360.46572200.002457060.0644
ABE Level 472798350550.4815258410.35492720.003772620.0997
ABE Level 528243110130.389958400.206729810.105534590.1224
ABE Level 6121906610.05423670.030118600.152529500.2420
ABE Total2805541344670.47921110430.395754970.0195219670.0782
ESL Level 147339414140.87481370.002800.0000790.0016
ESL Level 251587467290.90584440.008600.00001320.0025
ESL Level 366373601300.90595600.008400.00002110.0031
ESL Level 472841635660.87268100.011120.00002930.0040
ESL Level 559830514470.85989190.015310.00005830.0097
ESL Level 631796229090.72045600.017620.00007580.0238
ESL Total3297662861950.867834300.010450.000020560.0062
Grand Total6103204206620.68921144730.187555020.0090240230.0393
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