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Table 4b: Educational Functioning Level Gain and Attendance for Pre- and Post-tested Participants

PROGRAM YEAR: 2017 - 2018 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: Southern

Entering EducationFunctioning LevelTotal Number EnrolledTotal Attendance HoursNumber with EFL GainNumber Separated Before Achieving EFL GainNumber Remaining Within LevelPercentage Achieving Measurable Skill Gains
ABE Level 175682148199528468515990.6982
ABE Level 228935577679121803387432580.7535
ABE Level 345775796231233847652953990.7394
ABE Level 440287589658726599762960590.6602
ABE Level 51392016581038554281325530.6145
ABE Total136485234419929608721530188680.7040
ESL Level 119058312738715564156819260.8167
ESL Level 223757448427618215280727350.7667
ESL Level 325363572496916605449942590.6547
ESL Level 419714433268611867408337640.6020
ESL Level 51630133834869346387030850.5733
ESL Level 6862017302353088307524570.3582
ESL Total112813227830397468519902182260.6620
Grand Total2492984622503117077241432370940.6850