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Table 4b: Educational Functioning Level Gain and Attendance for Pre- and Post-tested Participants

PROGRAM YEAR: 2017 - 2018 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: All Regions

Entering EducationFunctioning LevelTotal Number EnrolledTotal Attendance HoursNumber with EFL GainNumber Separated Before Achieving EFL GainNumber Remaining Within LevelPercentage Achieving Measurable Skill Gains
ABE Level 118270397041813502161531530.7390
ABE Level 2662831121865450721806974930.7652
ABE Level 3115247172913458492616098142230.7369
ABE Level 4126061165692057733625117236080.6135
ABE Level 546608553328128630955884200.6143
ABE Total3724695458290325511560457568970.6849
ESL Level 162747900760250450600862890.8040
ESL Level 2643961042132551922655459200.8063
ESL Level 385863149304856400311094107660.7454
ESL Level 4104447175580896836816294197850.6546
ESL Level 586349144763415392115226172020.6245
ESL Level 66034198484532294415262221350.3802
ESL Total4641437624229531160870438820970.6714
Grand Total8366121308251985667231308951389940.6774