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Table 4b: Educational Functioning Level Gain and Attendance for Pre- and Post-tested Participants

PROGRAM YEAR: 2016 - 2017 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: Western

Entering EducationFunctioning LevelTotal Number EnrolledTotal Attendance HoursNumber with EFL GainNumber Separated Before Achieving EFL GainNumber Remaining Within LevelPercentage Achieving Measurable Skill Gains
ABE Level 15395909534397029311320.7359
ABE Level 21255518861869553107219300.7609
ABE Level 321326311892414809243940780.6944
ABE Level 4406226120723195716494145570.4818
ABE Level 51618423648937670290156130.4739
ABE Total96082144002605557313199273100.5784
ESL Level 193971575007745168212640.7929
ESL Level 21252821011301026874715130.8196
ESL Level 330466561171423030205853780.7559
ESL Level 44821310002522312383966130090.6479
ESL Level 5396348492970243893937113080.6154
ESL Level 6341017151433115675050174840.3392
ESL Total1743393493477610794316440499560.6192
Grand Total2704214933503616351629639772660.6047