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Table 4c: Measurable Skill Gains and Attendance by Entry Level for Participants in Distance Education

PROGRAM YEAR: 2016 - 2017 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: Southern

Entering Education Functioning LevelTotal Number EnrolledTotal Attendance Hours for all participantsNumber who achieved at least one educational functioning level gainNumber who attained a secondary school diploma or its equivalentNumber Separated Before Achieving Measurable Skill GainsNumber Remaining in Program without Measurable Skill GainsPercentage Achieving Measurable Skill GainsTotal number of Periods of ParticipationTotal number of Periods of Participation with Measurable Skill GainsPercentage of Periods of Participation with Measurable Skill Gains
ABE Level 1288653001075121550.38882941130.3843
ABE Level 21968360249709318383900.376020497600.3709
ABE Level 356558862771900239235711590.3782586421850.3726
ABE Level 469997110052236732251215190.4240717030100.4198
ABE Level 5300728747211034468246340.5151308715620.5059
ABE Level 63611566515111819163510460.257537689460.2510
ABE Total21528287681861662272828748030.39192223285760.3857
ESL Level 161214896525622401140.42156272610.4162
ESL Level 288222579140593271410.46939014200.4661
ESL Level 31846453909663328123390.376419197060.3678
ESL Level 41463388218520316592530.376615215640.3708
ESL Level 51319368161445296342110.359313794840.3509
ESL Level 61121287488257296172180.255111912970.2493
ESL Total724318725322546132328912760.3697753827320.3624
Grand Total287714749350871224041157660790.386329770113080.3798