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Table 6: Participant Status and Program Enrollment

PROGRAM YEAR: 2016 - 2017 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: Midwestern

Participant Status on Entry into the ProgramNumber
Employed, but Received Notice of Termination of Employment or Military Separation is pending316
Not in the Labor Force74071
Highest Degree or Level of School CompletedUS Based SchoolingNon-US Based Schooling
No Schooling18695639
Grades 1-517287366
Grades 6-81243314117
Grades 9-12 (no diploma)9906730269
Secondary School Diploma or alternate credential1284514992
Secondary School Equivalent3065838
Some Postsecondary education, no degree65087372
Postsecondary or professional degree416014526
TOTAL (both US Based and Non-US Based)243272
Program Type
In Family Literacy Program3156
In Workplace Adult Education and Literacy Activities717
Institutional Programs
In Correctional Facility30473
In Community Correctional Program3645
In Other Institutional Setting1649
Total Institutional35767