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Table 10: Outcomes for Adult Correctional Education Programs

PROGRAM YEAR: 2015 - 2016 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: Outlying

Core Follow-up Outcome MeasuresMethodNumber of Participants in CohortNumber of Participants Used for Representative CohortNumber of Participants Responding to Survey or Available for Data MatchingResponse Rate or Percent Available for MatchNumber of Participants Achieving Outcome (Unweighted)Number of Participants Achieving Outcome (Weighted)Percent Achieving Outcome (Weighted)
Completed an Educational Functioning LevelC161,437N/A161,437N/AN/A67,02941.52%
Entered EmploymentC10,504N/A9,410N/AN/A3,09829.49%
Retained EmploymentC5,620N/A4,666N/AN/A2,45043.59%
Obtained a Secondary School Credential or Its EquivalentC19,242N/A18,958N/AN/A14,50775.39%
Entered Postsecondary Education or Training – current program yearC24,976N/A23,240N/AN/A3,57314.30%
Entered Postsecondary Education or Training – prior program yearC26,073N/A24,242N/AN/A4,28716.44%
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