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Table FFR 1: Initial Report – Total Allocation

FY 2013

U.S. Department of Education
Division of Adult Education and Literacy

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck ND 58501





From: 07/01/2013 To: 09/30/2014 From: 07/01/2013 To: 09/30/2014
10. Transactions(a) State Administration(b) State Leadership(c) Programs of Instruction (0-8)(d) Programs of Instruction (9-12)(e) Institutionalized Persons(f) Total
Federal Cash:
a. Cash Receipts6500058313.0170220.1622174.7940327.73215707.96
b. Cash Disbursements6500058313.0170220.1622174.7940327.73215707.96
c. Cash on Hand (line a minus line b)000000
Federal Expenditures and Unobligated Balance:
d. Total Federal funds authorized6500011700019012260205343000974175
e. Federal share of expenditures6500058313.0170220.1622174.7940327.73215707.96
f. Federal share of unliquidated obligations000000
g. Total Federal share (sum of lines e and f)6500058313.0170220.1622174.7940327.73215707.96
h. Unobligated balance of Federal funds (line d minus g)058686.99119901.84579878.212672.27758467.04
Recipient Share:
i. Total recipient share required (i.e. Maintenance of Effort)004484001416000590000
j. Recipient share of expenditures004484001416000590000
k. Remaining recipient share to be provided (line i minus j)000000
Program Income:
l. Total program income earned10645000010645
m. Program income expended813000008130
n. Unexpended program income (line l minus line m)251500002515
11. Indirect Expensea. Typeb. Ratec. Period FromPeriod Tod. Basee. Amount Chargedf. Federal Share
g. Totals:75103.5710549.9310549.93

13. Certification: By signing this report, I certify to the best of my knowledge and belief that the report is true, complete, and accurate, and the expenditures, disbursements and cash receipts are for the purposes and intent set forth in the award documents. I am aware that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent information may subject me to criminal, civil, or administrative penalties. (U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 1001)

a. Name and Title of Authorized Certifying Official

b. Signature of Authorized Certifying Official