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Table 4: Measurable Skill Gains by Entry Level

Table 4: Measurable Skill Gains by Entry Level

Program Year
2017 (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)
Entering Education Functioning LevelTotal Number EnrolledTotal Attendance Hours for all participantsNumber who achieved at least one educational functioning level gainNumber who attained a secondary school diploma or its equivalentNumber Separated Before Achieving Measurable Skill GainsNumber Remaining in Program without Measurable Skill GainsPercentage Achieving Measurable Skill GainsTotal number of Periods of ParticipationTotal number of Periods of Participation with Measurable Skill GainsPercentage of Periods of Participation with Measurable Skill Gains
ABE Level 1416302361226209790.30774261280.3005
ABE Level 224861838678194911914270.349225338710.3439
ABE Level 34809334094169116722656860.3864494218680.378
ABE Level 45716395648189861424018030.4395586825280.4308
ABE Level 524871528318874488722800.5368253113400.5294
ABE Level 61577832463903636152090.477516107570.4702
ABE Total17491117992258071647755324840.42621791074920.4183
ESL Level 17134265218803871380.26377251880.2593
ESL Level 2419271821490206640.35564381490.3402
ESL Level 3400278861461208450.36754091480.3619
ESL Level 4362254801240168700.34253741240.3316
ESL Level 526619315870117620.3271271870.321
ESL Level 6113604521164270.1947116220.1897
ESL Total2273148560715211504060.315423337180.3078
Grand Total19764132848265221649870328900.41342024382100.4056

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