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Table 4a: Educational Functioning Level Gain

PROGRAM YEAR: 2018 - 2019 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: Eastern

Entering Education Functioning LevelTotal Number of ParticipantsNumber with EFL Gain For ELA/Literacy or ELP** by pre-posttestingPercentage Achieving ELA/Literacy or ELP** EFL GainsNumber with EFL Gain For Mathematics by pre-posttestingPercentage Achieving Mathematics EFL GainsNumber with EFL Gain by Carnegie Units / CreditsPercentage Achieving EFLGain by Carnegie Units / CreditsNumber with EFL Gain by Transition to Post-secondary EducationPercentage Achieving EFL Gain by Entry into Postsecondary Education
ABE Level 1155910300.66067630.489400.000030.0019
ABE Level 2700935820.511041430.591000.0000390.0055
ABE Level 31253453440.426377300.616700.00001080.0086
ABE Level 41017839290.386047440.466100.00001770.0173
ABE Level 5454713770.302811090.24385720.12572700.0593
ABE Level 63479510.0146790.022712480.35876900.1983
ABE Total39306153130.3895185680.472318200.046312870.0327
ESL Level 116447158570.9641200.001200.000060.0003
ESL Level 213240128180.96811460.011000.0000240.0018
ESL Level 31057599320.9391780.007300.0000430.0040
ESL Level 411299101370.89711520.013400.0000480.0042
ESL Level 5900181830.90911050.011600.0000690.0076
ESL Level 6420235120.8357480.011400.0000660.0157
ESL Total64764604390.93325490.008400.00002560.0039
Grand Total104070757520.7278191170.183618200.017415430.0148