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Table 4b: Educational Gains and Attendance for Pre- and Posttested Participants

PROGRAM YEAR: 2000 - 2001 (Aggregate Table)

REGION: Outlying

Entering Educational Functioning LevelTotal Number Enrolled Pre- and PosttestedTotal Attendance HoursNumber Completed LevelNumber Who Completed a Level and Advanced One or More LevelsNumber Separated Before CompletedNumber Remaining within LevelPercentage Completing Level
ABE Beginning Literacy00.0000000
ABE Beginning Basic Education00.0000000
ABE Intermediate Low00.0000000
ABE Intermediate High00.0000000
ASE Low00.0000000
ASE High00.0000000
ESL Beginning Literacy00.0000000
ESL Beginning Low00.0000000
ESL Beginning High00.0000000
ESL Intermediate Low00.0000000
ESL Intermediate High00.0000000
ESL Advanced00.0000000